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What is Halo Effect?
Halo Effect is a measure of the socio-economic benefit that a religious congregation contributes to its local community.

Halo Effect is expressed as a multiplier. This multiplier is determined by our research methodology (described below). Based on the most recent research, the multiplier is $3.39. This means that for every dollar that a congregation spends, the local community on average receives $3.39 in economic benefit.

This $3.39 represents the median nation-wide value. For rural congregations, the median value is $5.02. For urban congregations, it is $3.32.

Halo Effect for Canada as a whole is currently estimated to be $18.2 billion. Although religious congregations do not exist for the purpose of benefiting the economy, their economic benefit is in fact significant. Furthermore, if governments or other agencies had to replace the programs and services that congregations provide to their local communities, the cost would be immense